Greetings. I am Grimsley of the Elite Four.

Are you here to challenge me? Or perhaps you only wish to play a game? Either way, I will fulfill my duty to be your opponent. Just be sure not to expect an easy win. It will be your first mistake of many.
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That’s only part of reaching my goal. It’s important, but it’s not what I’m after— I got something I have to do for my sister. And myself. [He sighs.] I don’t know why I’m telling you all this! You don’t care, man. 

You have a sister?  That must be wonderful..  [He shrugs, looking elsewhere.]  You do not have to speak with me if you do not want to.


[He nods.] Yeah, I need to get stronger. I’m almost through most of the gyms at this point. Once I’m done, I think I’ll be ready to finish what I set out to do when I started this whole journey. 

Oh?  What is that?  Is it to challenge the champion?  [ He begins to smile but it immediately dies back down when he remembers what the boy said about challenging the Elite Four.]


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[He hesitates, sighing and almost giving up already before forcing smile.] Well…how are you doing today? Er. I’ve…I wanted to apologize for anything I’ve said in the past that’s upset you.

[He listens patiently enough, which is probably surprising given how he usually is when he bothers with people that irritate him. His expression doesn’t change from a rather blank annoyance though, shrugging after a moment of consideration.]

Apologize? Eh, whatever, dude. It’s cool I guess. I don’t really care about what you’ve said to me. I only care about how my mom got upset when she talked about you to me. ‘Sides, I got other stuff on my mind that’s more important than anything you could insult me with, ya know.

Right… [He fiddles with his scarf, acting oddly nervous.  He wasn’t even able to pretend like he was confident about this conversation.]  Other stuff…you’re a trainer right?  Are you attempting to earn all of the badges?

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Oh, oh! What is the movie about?

I’m not allowed to say too much of it, but it’s a romance involving vampires~.

I’ve got some wonderful news~.

Well, wonderful for me at least. I’ve been asked to star in a new sure to be a hit movie.  I know it’s sure to be a hit because I’m in it~.  But can you believe that?  That they wanted me specifically to fill the role of the main male of the movie?  Well, the fellow I will be playing is incredibly handsome.  So it only makes sense they would ask the most handsome man in all of Unova to play him~.


[He pets Grims’ hair and gives him a kiss on the cheek.] 

I think you should try anyway. I can see two different outcomes to this and while both have their issues, one will hurt less than the other— so you need to try. The other involves a figure I don’t know anything about…it’s hard to make out the details. 

[He sighs.] I am getting a headache. I will try to help you through this, but for now you will have to deal with the skills of a second rate magician. [He smiles tiredly.]

[He tries to smile and returns the kiss.]  …all right, love.  I’ll trust you on this.  I’ll try to get his forgiveness.

 [Noticing how tired Will looks, he nuzzles against him some, giving him another kiss.] I’m sorry if I’m stressing you out with this, Will…and you’re the best boyfriend anyone could ever have, I’m sorry for what I said earlier.


…I didn’t predict that, but then again I have no means to actually see the future emotions of people, in a sense. I can only get the broad outlines of a person in my visions. I just knew he was going to hit you!

[He sighs, giving Grimsley a hug.] Maybe you should ask why he feels that way? You can at least try to ask for his forgiveness, Grims.

[He hugs Will, hiding his face from view on his shoulder.]  

…I’m afraid to.  I’ve…teased him in the past before I knew of this.  And I’ve apparently upset his mother greatly. I probably don’t deserve his forgiveness anyways…

I’ll just end up being exactly like…my own father.  [He sighs, hugging Will tighter.  There’s a small tremble in his body.]


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Today a boy came up to me, punched me in the gut, and then told me he’s the son from a fling I had 16 years ago. You can tell me when something is going to be knocked off the kitchen table but you couldn’t tell me that?

Ask yourself this, love.

Would you have believed me if I told you in the first place? Think back on when I got you King, your Houndour. You just barely trusted me enough on my vision to try and overcome your fear. 

And I thought you could use a little pain to jar your senses and make you learn a lesson. I can’t always hold someone’s hand through life, you know.

…. [he huffs.]

I suppose not.  But you still could have at least tried to warn me.  I don’t care what kind of lesson you wanted to teach, that kid is strong.

…and….and he’s…my son…and he…hates me…

Will…I have a son…who hates me…


[Anticipating this response, Hugh digs around in his coat for a box that a recent package came in and pulls out a photo of a young lady holding onto the arm of a young man in an interesting scarf. It was a photo of school outing. He holds it up for Grims to take. On the back is a date and names signed on it.] 

I didn’t believe it either, dude. But mom says its you in this picture and who she had her…uh…’first time’ with or whatever. And I’m not happy about this either. I still think you’re an asshole. And I can’t wait to battle you in the league when I get there. 

I’m gonna make you cry then.

[He takes the photo, a look of surprise on his face when he seen that it was indeed him and an old girlfriend, this boy’s mother, in the photo.  Suddenly, it all clicks in his mind, everything that happened with her years ago, and he realizes Hugh is telling the truth.]

…I see.  [He smiles sadly, trying to put up his usual mask of arrogance but fails, unable to even look at the boy as he hands the photograph back.]  

…I…I look forward to your challenge then.

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[He takes a swipe at his own nose and smirks at the man as he gives him that glare through the pain. And then he shrugs.] Felt like I owed you for mom. She got upset talking about you and I don’t like it when anyone makes her cry, dude.

[He shrugs again, glaring at the man.] You calling my mom a liar? Cuz I got more pain I can deliver if that’s the case! [Shakes a fist at him.]

[Grimsley backs up some at the boy’s glare, trying to get out of his way in case he does decide to hit again.]  

Perhaps I am.  Forgive me for being a bit skeptical, but this wouldn’t be the first time someone claimed a child that wasn’t mine was.  How am I suppose to believe that some obnoxious brat like yourself is my ‘son’ just because some mystery woman says so, hm?

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‘Fan’ is, like, putting it lightly, old dude. She apparently dated you or something. Can’t see why. You’re annoying as fuck and incredibly rude. My mom is a classier lady than that…but whatever.

Anyway, this is for you…

[Punches him in the gut.]

Hey, dad.

[He clutches his stomach, groaning and doubling over, falling down onto his knees.  He looks up at the boy, glaring through a pained face.]  What the hell was that about you fucking cretin?  

[He shakily stands up, glaring at the boy still while he tries to figure out what he said. ]  Dad..? I think you have the wrong person.

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Have you ever been to Aspertia City? Like, when you were younger or whatever, cuz my mom had some interesting things to say about you when I called her last time!

Mm, yes.  I used to attend a school that was located there when I was younger.  Was your mother one of my many fans I had while I was there~? I wouldn’t be surprised if so~.

HEY, weird old man, I got a question to ask you!

Yes, rude little boy, what is it?


Oh, I just don’t know. [Caitlin hummed slightly as she tapped a finger to her chin.] I believe the last time I ever did such a foolish thing like that, I found my precious Reuniclus barely relaxed and able to battle because she seemed a little annoyed. [She gave him a slight glare.] I just can’t bring myself to believe half of the words spilling out of your mouth… hmm…~

I’ve told you countless time, that was an accident.  And worth it depending on how much you like money~ But come on now, Lady Caitlin, how about we just let bygones be bygones, hm?